Author Topic: [FF8PC-2013 + Remastered-2019] HorizonPack: Remastered - World Texture Overhaul  (Read 198275 times)


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Glad it finally works for the remaster, great job! But the hires world map graphics (the one in the corner that shows where you are) aren't there - it's still the original remaster version. Were those done, too? How do we get them in?


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Am I missing something? I downloaded the horizonpack remastered and there in no tonberry file only the textures folder. I installed it into the DEMASTER EXP folder but the textures are still the same in game.


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I have an issue with Deeling City on world map. It looks like this.

edit: got it fixed went to discord

MCINDUS: You need to disable the sky texture located in textures/world/dat/wmset and then grab that new roads texture below and drop it in. Make sure you click on open original and save it from the browser window for correct size.
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