Author Topic: Just finished installing everything. Need a bit of help  (Read 1799 times)


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This is great, I followed all the instructions and I believe I have done it all correctly.  So, couple of questions. 

1. I have two FF7 games on my desktop one is FF7 bootloader which allows me to play the game and the other is the standard FF7 icon which also allows me to play the game both with updated graphics.  Which one should I stick to? Is there a difference?

2. How do I apply the mod setting to my game, I make changes on the Bootleg Front End but i cant decide if those changes i made in the BFE are applied to my game.  How do i make mod changes?


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Re: Just finished installing everything. Need a bit of help
« Reply #1 on: 2014-12-27 15:45:08 »
I assume you used Bootleg to install. After picking the settings in BFE, you need to hit "Run Bootleg". Note that you cannot install Bootleg over an already-Bootlegged install. It will not work. To launch the game, either way is fine. The Bootloader can be used if you wish to modify your gameplay settings (if you installed Mode Switching). The Bootloader is not mandatory to launch the game.