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Qgears first boot
« on: 2015-04-01 07:59:29 »
Hello, I was very interested in Qgears, and the moment i booted it up, i went straight ahead for Xenogears map.

It was decent, and looking for the lengthy development gone through it, i have confidence this project needs more love.
I read somewhere in the thread that unless Qgears become an independent design from FF7 and Square products, there will cease and decist call.
So i'd like to contribute original 3d works, 2d works from friends and some animation.
Maybe release a short game with this engine.

Question is, is there an authoring tool available in this engine?
Because i can't seem to find one.

I am pretty much the user end of RPGmaker and bGE, or XNA currently my friend is socializing with python, and maybe lua and C++ if needed. I'd love to have some pointers to use this engine.
It'll be an amazing ride to see this project mature into its own design.

Thank you very much.

P.S. I am also a useless noob who can't seem to put a Weltall ID as my profile picture. Pointer please.