Author Topic: [SPOILERS] Star Wars Episode 7: Ticking All The Wrong Boxes [SPOILERS]  (Read 29276 times)


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Saw the movie some time ago, but was funny to see all the debate it has generated here (I almost finished my popcorn reading all of it  ;D ;D)

If you ask me i would give it a 6/10 and I'm being generous  8-). I also think that to critize something it's better if you watch/try it first (to a certain point), but besides that, everyone is free to do what they think it's better with their money.

And to summarize and elaborate a little bit on my answer here's my PROS/CONS list

Spoiler: show

1) PLOT! -> I really think this sumamrizes the plot problem perfectly
2) Some charcaters/Some actors ->
- Kylo's character seems so weird to me in general. The mix of being a crybaby/looser/try to be a badass and the exagerated acting just seems out of star wars to me. Btw, Why on earth do you wear a helmet if you take it off as soon as you can? hahaha.
- Han: Please, who though making Harrison Ford run all the time at his age would be a good idea? I was all the time thinking, poor man at this rate he is gonna die for real  :lol: :lol:
- Leia: Seems also quite off the new saga, nothing remarkable from having her on the cast
- Finn: Well not that I disliked the character, but seems to be overdoing everything sometimes. Like hell yes gimme that light saber gonna kill badass, gimme that shooting controls I'm so pr0  :-D
- Chewbacca: Always great, but c'mon going from a) being hurt in a normal battle to b) able to kill everyone with one shoot when he is mad,  seems to much for me (With 5 chewes you would destroy the empire  :-D :-D )
- Maz,troopers' general and other secundaries: Totally useless if you don't explain whats the connection with the whole story. Also funny that Maz gets her ancient and surviving fortress destroyed in 10 minutes  :P
3) Lightsabers -> This is becoming more marketing than anything else, yes sure it looks cool and I'm not against innovation, but they are getting away of the saber idea.
4) CGI -> This comes last since I didn't find them too bad in general, but sometimes they overdid and looked too "fake".

1) The star wars atmosphere -> I think they got a better recreation of the atmosphere than in the prequels
2) Funny moments and tributes to old movies -> Having some is fine and I enjoyed them, the problem is that they they use too many tributes so it looks like a remake.
3) Music -> It felt good to me, and think it was in the same star wars line that made it famous.
4) Special effects -> I liked most of them and even if the plot abused on action and there's too much "pam pum shush plush kaboom!" at least they were quite enjoyable.

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I recently watched a video on youtube where the guy was comparing episode 7 to 4.  He made points like how c3po was originally disliked, but as the sequels came out, more people liked him.  The same thing apparently happened to episode 4 as a whole.  As the universe and story was expanded, it inadvertently made 4 a better movie. 

I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of the common gripes people have about 7 start to dissipate once the other movies come out.  Here's hoping at least!

Also, I think Kylo will benefit from further movies.  His story prior to 7 will likely be elaborated on, making his tantrums and poor fighting more understandable.  As for the helmet, there was a point in the movie where Han says something like "You don't even need that helmet, take it off".  Seems to me that he wears it because he wants so badly to be like Vader.  Much like a child will put on their parents shoes to pretend to be like them.