Author Topic: [FF6] [OPEN BETA] Dancing Mad - FF6 Audio Replacement using MSU-1  (Read 48795 times)


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Hello, and thank you for the work you've put in for this very wonderfully made audio replacement. I just recently bought a SNES and a SD2SNES and I've been looking at the MSU-1 games to play on it and of course this is one of the first ones I want to play. I'm being very meticulous about it though (maybe overly so) but I want to have this as finely tuned to what I like as possible. I've even gone so far as to take my favorite arrangement of the end boss battle and convert it and set loop points for this mod. I can't take credit for the music itself, this was arranged by someone named Sangnoksu. Link to the song can be found here: But I have done the work to be able to use it with the game and I am willing to share if people are interested. That said, I also have to report an issue that the songs for the final boss do not seem to transition properly. Forgive me if this has been noted or reported before and I missed it, but I've tried to look at the history of this project and previously reported issues and I see nothing referencing this. The individual songs for each part of the final battle will loop on themselves properly, however going from one part to the next will start suddenly without the previous part completing its final loop. I've tried to test this on my SD2SNES and also using the SNES9x emulator. If there's anything more I can do to help with this let me know.


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Thanks for your report, I am aware that the transitions between parts of the final battle music are sudden and do not smoothly go from one part to another the way the original game does. Even with volume fading, this is not currently possible.

The problem is that there is no way for the code running on the SNES to tell when the song started actually playing and how far along it is. The MSU-1 just does not have that kind of status information exposed. Assuming based on framerate and e.g. the game time counter is flawed due to the fact not all platforms will be able to queue up and play the track as fast as the game requests it.

Without that status information, it is therefore impossible to tell the last time the song looped, and therefore when the next transition point should be.

tl;dr version: this is not a bug and will not, can not be fixed, not unless a new version of the MSU-1 add-on is made that has the ability to return the current sample position.

Never saying never, because I didn't expect resume support either, so.


The most comprehensive list of what music is included in this mod is likely the readme for the installer.

You should also be able to search youtube for pretty much any of the artists/groups mentioned in "Musical Credits" here and the name of a song from the game and be able to find their work. Sean Schafianski's work is, by request of artist, linked directly.

edale is largely responsible for finding and converting music for the project at the moment.
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