Author Topic: [PSX/PC] Alternate Fantasy (v3.2 & v5.0)  (Read 90627 times)


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Re: [PSX/PC] Alternate Fantasy (v3.2 & v5.0)
« Reply #250 on: 2020-06-27 01:24:44 »
Super excited about trying this version!

A few questions:

It removes a couple of experience that would be otherwise impossible to avoid though ("You're not alone" segment).
Does this also include Tantarian? I remember reading about a custom version that removed the exp from all the forced encounters but is this now also a feature of the main version?

The ultimate weapons of the different characters give a big boost in the main stats though and they can give some points overall.
Does this mean that perfect stats are completely different, and potentially much higher, than vanilla "perfect stats"? Are there other equipment stat changes besides the perfect weapons?

Last question, might be a stupid one: is the Markus-Eiko glitch fixed by this mod? (or by default in the steam version? A quick search turned inconclusive..)


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Re: [PSX/PC] Alternate Fantasy (v3.2 & v5.0)
« Reply #251 on: 2020-06-27 19:22:29 »
No, Tantarian still gives Exp since it is part of the reward for beating it.
Hum... I guess I'll make him sensible to Stop once it reaches 1/4 of its Max HP. Seems the best solution for me as I don't want to remove the Exp but also lvl 1 playthroughs should be allowed to kill it.

Yes, perfect stats are completly different (although I didn't compute the new optimal stats). I guess that you can reach 99 Str/Mgc with more people. There are very few equipment stat changes besides the perfect weapons (and the Hammer) and I don't think any matters the optimal equipment route.

No, the Marcus (french spotted :p) -Eiko glitch was not fixed. I decided that it wasn't for this mod to fix it. It might be (optionally) fixed in a next version of Memoria.


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Re: [PSX/PC] Alternate Fantasy (v3.2 & v5.0)
« Reply #252 on: 2020-06-28 15:44:33 »
Well finally took down Necron video will be coming soon.

Honnestly thought at first he was kind of a bullshit fight, didn't see how to beat him at my current LV and was almost about to just Save Editing my LV99......... guess I was just really tired last month and need to take a much needed break from FFIX, as upon retrying I end up finding a way after only 3 tries off-screen and first try while recording, so the biggest pain in the ass of this fight is hands down Gran Cross, random Statut Effects really is an issue especially since you can't get immune against some of them (Berserk and Death being the worst honnestly if 3 characters get hit by 1 of this 2 you might as well reset), Mother, Regen and Curaga are also annoying as well as Meteor but thankfully Meteor is quite rare. Maybe I was underlevel for this fight (LV45-55) and end up having to take it extra safe by taking Eiko and Kweena to permanently keep my team under Reflect, Protect and Shell and take care of the support while Steiner and Tarask were dealing the damage.

So I'd say this fight as some Randomness in it but not as bad as Ozma (despite what I said in my video), and was a fair fight as well as being finally a boss that took over 15 minutes to defeat, I wasn't sure what to think about this fight at first but in the end I think Necron is a good fight to conclude the mod.

In any case thank you for this mod, was really good I had a lot of fun playing it, don't mind me getting frustrated in video I have this tendancy of being frustrated on things where I fail to do but looking back outside of the Kuja's fight (the first one was kinda BS with the reducing stats to 0/1 and Trance Kuja was honnestly very disappointing easiest boss of Disc 4 as an all kind of anti-climatic), and Thorn and Zorn's refight due to a glitch, I enjoy pretty much all the boss fights in this mod. Also like the rework of the gameplay and characters, which makes the game more balance and more enjoyable.

EDIT : Also minor Glitch on Necron it seems one of the 4 characters get a HP increase out of nowhere for the fight in my vid Steiner had 4257 HP but his HP were increase to 6385 for Necron's fight
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