Author Topic: Having a couple of problems with game crashing on startup.  (Read 1244 times)


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It happens only when specific options from mods are turned on. The first one is one that existed since before, which is the Gameplay - Tweaks and Cheats option; Skip Cutscenes. That is a minor one.

Another is the Animations Option; 60 FPS Battles. That is a minor one too.

The last one which crashes for me is The Reunion - Beacause and Menu Overhaul. It does not matter if I choose only Menu Overhaul or both of them, the game starts with a crash. Just ot make sure I deactivated all mods except Beacause  and Menu Overhaul and tried them with their respective exe files mo and bc. Just to be 100% sure, I tried both by renaming the mo and bc ff7 exes to just ff7 and by choosing the correct ff7 exe in the workshop settings. I tried them without changing any other option in The Reunion.

The game converter I used was downloaded on 16-01-16 (yesterday).
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