Author Topic: PSX picture conversion and compression confusion.  (Read 1200 times)

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This is related to this thread.

I ripped this opening logo with Tim2View from the PSX version from the file "" contained within "MOVIE/OPENING.BIN".

This file is 62,533 bytes.

I modified the palette with JASC Paint Shop Pro 9 and saved it as this new file.

All I did was change four colors, and the file is now 13,529 bytes.

What is going on? I guess some data is somehow lost? How would I retain that data?

It doesn't end there, as things will make even less sense as I go on.

When the original "" is lzss compressed, it is 19,050 bytes.

After converting the modified ".PNG" file back into a ".data" file with img2tim and lzss compressing it, it comes out to 19,059 bytes.

So somehow, compressing a smaller file made it larger than the original compressed file!

This doesn't make sense. What is going on and how do I solve this?
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