Author Topic: Do I always need to install Seventh Heaven from scratch???  (Read 796 times)


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I'm wondering if once Seventh Heaven is completely installed and setup, if it's then possible to uninstall my Steam version, and copy and paste the folder for my modded version (20 or so gb folder) to my external hard drive. That way I can update the locations for the necessary folders and ff7_bc.exe file under settings, and then run it straight from my external hard drive?

Also, am I able to do that and use the folder as a pre-installed Final Fantasy VII with Seventh Heaven. Meaning for instance: I could upload it straight to another computer, granted I mount the FF7DISC1.ISO etc.?

Would that also mean that all of the downloaded mods in Seventh Heaven are backed up along with all of my settings etc?

Thanks in advance,

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Doubtful, but never done that before. You will at least need to run the GC again before it could possibly run because the registry edits from it are very important. If the GC can't recognize the game folder you moved over, then it won't work until you manually edit the registry keys.