Author Topic: Vagrant Story models/textures/reverse engineering.  (Read 1766 times)


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Hey there Qhimm.

I joined specifically to get some help. I honestly don't know where else to look lmao. (Also unsure if this is the right board to post this on)
I've been looking into model extraction for Vagrant Story (There has been some discussion about this before, but I've not found what I am looking for)
So far, from what I have gathered, there's two tools in development at the moment (One has an extraction utility to it, however), VSTools developed by Morris, and VSViewer by someone named MercurialForge.
MercurialForge's VSViewer hasn't had an update since July of last year, so it's not really of help right now.

Now here's where I have the questions to be answered, if anyone can be of help.
VSTools seems to export objs well enough.
The problem with this is, opening the exported model in any model editing software, I've noticed the model's UVmap is totally broken beyond repair.
My question is, is there a way to extract any model (We'll go with default Ashley) with VSTools, and retain the UVmap in a useable state?
Or, altrernatively, is there any other method I can use to extract a model from Vagrant Story, perhaps with another tool I've not heard of, or something more complicated?

If anyone can help me with this, it'd be greatly appreciated. I'm not asking for someone to do it for me, because I'm more than capable of doing that myself, if I were to find out how kek

Edit: Something to add; I'd attempted to contact Valendian over an email associated with his Gamefaqs account, as he seemed to have a solution to my problem, no response however, so I can only assume he has discontinued use of that email address.
If anyone has the means to contact him, and feels comfortable sharing that here, it would be appreciated.
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