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There have been a couple posts recently for new shaders, so I started to compile all the shaders that have been released here at Qhimm. I will be making them options to choose within 7th Heaven.

Bloom2 (ATI/Nvidia) (Author?)
Bloom2Dark (ATI/Nvidia) (Author?)
ComplexMultiShader (ATI) (Author?)
ComplexMultiShader (Nvidia) (Kaldarasha Edit - doesn't work on my laptop with 965m x2 SLI)
SmartBloomAdvanced (ATI) (Author?)
SmartBloomHDR (ATI) (Author?)
SmartShader (ATI/Nvidia) (Sunwalker)
SmartShader2 (ATI/Nvidia) (Sunwalker - Kaldarasha Edit)

If you want to download any of the above, let me know. And if you have any others you can contribute to this list, please post them here with downloads.

Is there one considered the best over the others? or a comparison of them?? I am not sure which one to use in combination with satsukis field textures to provide the best graphic enhancement?

I can't provide comparisons because I don't have an ATI card. The next major update to 7H will let you choose them from a drop-down menu. Select, launch, screenshot, close game, for yourself :)

Sunwalkers shader is superiors over asmodons shaders. Well to be fair Sunwalker has converted shaders from the psx moding scene where asmodon is also active. The new shader are similar to sweetfx so you can set it up very individually.

Would you provide screens to show every shader's effect?


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