Author Topic: 7th heaven and The reunion r0.5c, mexico hard mod, hd menu  (Read 973 times)


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Hi folks, I was able to launch the game with 7th heaven but when I installed the reunion patch then all the menus and text are misaligned.

I was wondering if the reunion is gonna be in 7th heaven (the lastest one) and if not how to manually put it in order to work.

Also, I haven't seen the mexico hard mod patch (which is truely great btw) and the hd menu by team avalanche.

Finally, could be great to find a way to make the game easier to configure the button mapping.

thanks for everything. see ya

PS: steam updated the music files to match the psx version, why then download again the files in 7th heaven if you have the steam version ?!?

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You can use FF7.exe with R05C and 7ThHeaven, but stick with only with Textures/Backgrounds Mods, otherwise things might not work correctly.
Mexico hard mod won't probably work. ( didn't try! )
HD menu is only available on previous R04e version ( provided also by 7ThHeaven in Reunion mod ), won't work in R05C.
The new reunion will probably be updated in new 7ThHeaven mods, but some features might not be possible, check Catalog / Mod Requests.
Regarding the music, I am not sure what you mean, but 7ThHeaven provides a Music Mod (has more options and fan made music), it's optional as all mods.

Button Mapping? No idea, I set the mapping, save the game and that takes like 20 seconds. Check PSX/PC Mapping Here:

OK   ○   Numpad Enter
CANCEL   ×   Numpad 0/Insert
SWITCH   □   Numpad ./Del
MENU   △   Numpad +
PAGEUP   L1   Numpad 9/PageUp
PAGEDOWN   R1   Numpad 3/PageDown
CAMERA   L2   Numpad 7/Home
TARGET   R2   Numpad 1/End
ASSIST   SELECT   Numpad 5
START   START   Numpad -

R05C + 7ThHeaven Setup:

1. Convert the game using 7th Converter.
2. Remove/Hide ff7_en.exe (Steam executable) from the folder and install R05 (otherwise R05C will install on Steam Version).
3. Merge the Texture Folders (Reunion / Textures in mods path) (Optional?)
4. Apply 7th Heaven mods (I usually just apply Textures for Models and Backgrounds) and have fun playing :)

Hope this helps...
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3. is optional, yes. Textures and Reunion are the same folder for use with Aali's Driver. In 7H, you just need to set Workshop -> Settings -> Aali Modpath to point to ...\mods\Textures. Also be sure to edit your ff7_opengl.cfg file to set mod_path = Textures (because when you install Reunion after the 7H GC, it gets changed to mod_path = Reunion). All the texture related mods in the 7H Catalog are used for the Textures folder, so they won't work if you set the Aali Modpath to ...\mods\Reunion. The textures included in the Reunion folder are all present in the 7H Catalog, so it's redundant to merge and use both.
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