Author Topic: 1st time user need help  (Read 933 times)


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1st time user need help
« on: 2017-05-03 12:59:58 »
straight to the point

using win 10 64bit
install 7th heaven 1.54 (trying to downlod 1.55 but always gets error, using update)
i've already download all mod except those big ones (3 textures, music and videos), not yet anyway
the thing is, i cant use build in download to get it (using jdownloader). i get it's file link from mega (should be the newest one)
using this for tutorial

my problem is
1. when i import my file, app don't know which one i've downloaded. in catalog they're all showing "download", while in library they say "installed". this obviously have alot of drawback such as tags, wrong data and maybe they're all compatible (which is obviously wrong).
i can edit it but it's a hassle and many data is obviously missing.

my suggestion is make each file read their CRC, then crosscheck with catalog.
just like anime file with anidb

2. btw i think my app also crashed sometimes and all my data gets corrupted, even my legit downloaded mod is gone (only i'ts data in app, not file).
they're all read as new file from import just like no1 above, not even linked to catalog (showing download all over again).
that's why i turn to jdownloader, since using built in download once stuck i cant redownloaded again.

3. 2 mods not playing right, "menu avatar and bacdrops" and "the reunion, beacause and menu overhaul"
for avatar, none of them are showing, that's includes other picture besides avatar
for reunion, when in battle the status box is corrupted
the other is alright i think, im still at the first area

4. font is jagged, which mod should i use for "smooth" font?
5. can i play using gamepad? i dont even know how to edit keyboard layout and it's crashed when i plug my controller (it's fine when using ordinary steam version)

sorry, too many question :p