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Author Topic: Remake of Final Fantasy 7 to help with all mods !!  (Read 701 times)


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Hello. So, these days, a ton of people know how to program. And as far as Final Fantasy 7, each area is just the character that you control, invisible walls, and then the background image. A few other things, but that's about it.

When it comes to things -- keeping it vanilla -- like AI and the such. We could keep it exactly the same. And the great thing is -- they already exist -- and a lot could be copied and essentially pasted. Or re-made with new code but work exactly the same.

When you look mechanically at the game, there may not be too much to do. Each town is just the above mechanics.
We can make characters and have them move how we want. As well as speech bubbles. It would then just be copying the story of the game which, again, pre-exists, and as the game is fun, could be fun to go through while re-creating.
And again, it's not like you have to make, e.g. Rufus e.g. every time he appears. You would have a basic character model that can be animated any way you like. Then choose the ''Rufus skin'' etc. -- so it could really and actually come down to some very basic mechanics.

Now, what would be the point in this ?
There is SOOOOOOOOO much that we may like to do.
Myself, I like the idea of a Pokemon-style mod. Of having more than 16 max materia slots. Of implementing gambits like off of FF12. And other ideas.
I have seen previous mods, and have seen other people's ideas on here.

And so, it feels like an investment. If we all work on it, each bit someone does can be small. And would be saved. Until it got to 100% complete.
Upon which, instead of only a few good mods made because it is hard. And having bugs. And having to bend and alter mods to fit in with what we can do.
Instead, potentially tons of great mods could come to be.

It could also actually be really, really, cool. You could know that you would have the ability to make FF7, essentially, meaning you could make any similar-styled FF type game that you wanted !
Might even help appreciate what it might have been like, working on it back in the day !
And, as said, some stuff, like the AI, could maybe be copied and pasted -- and so very large chunks could be re-created very quickly

It is looking at just how quick, when you think about it, it could be done
And then, how much time that would save for pretty much all future mods
I think, with a casual look, it seems like a pretty cool investment

IDK about copyright
... murmer murmer

Let me know ideas !!