Author Topic: Just finished playing FF1 for the first time and I really liked it  (Read 1047 times)


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I know that the recommend version is usually one of the remakes, but I decided I wanted to get some perspective on the series's beginning in its original form so I went for the NES version. And it was rough, yeah. It was very rough.

Once I got past that initial confusion of the first hour or so (I struggled like hell to get to Level 2 because I didn't realize you had to manually equip armor since when you buy something the shopkeeper asks "Who do you want to take the armor?" so I assumed it auto-equipped to the character you responded with), though, I had a lot of fun. I really liked the magic system, the dungeons felt varied, I liked the classes, and I loved the spritework and music. I went in with low expectations, but I ended up regularly looking forward to what the next dungeon and boss would be like.


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Congrats on finishing FF1 in its original form, it's nice to see that at least some people are still playing the original FF games instead of the remakes (glad I'm not the only one, lol). It's true, the NES version is way harder than any of the remakes. These have been intentionally watered down since it's commonly assumed that today's player base is rather spoiled/effeminate compared to the 'hardcore' RPG players of the 80's and early 90's, so the remakes contain a lot of features to make the player's life easier (quick-save function, lower shop prices, infinite inventory space and auto-re-targeting are just some examples, FF1 in particular didn't allow you to cure Stone status or revive dead party members during battle, as I'm sure you've noticed. All of the remakes made that possible).

So yeah, you can be proud of yourself for being one of the few people to beat a hard 'old-school' game like that in today's age. Do you plan on playing the other parts of the series in their original versions as well?


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The obstacle makes the game worth playing, I salute you for starting up with FF1.