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Vincent Valentine "field" & "battle" models

For add models to game:
First open .zip file, then, you can use multi way to add them to game:

1. Use Pack/unpack .iro archives of " 7thHeaven " for make .iro file.
in use of This way, don't forget you need edit "mod.xml" of unpacked .iro file and add name of your character folder to sections of your charcter list.

2. Use "Aalis LGP+UNLGP" for "unpack" and "pack" model files to LGP file of FF7
Vincent Valntain's models for FF VII:

These are vincent Valentine's models for both, "field" And "battle" of FF7, these created in maya by "FFVII ImportExport Maya plugin" and its ready for use in the game.

weapons of Vincent "battle" model was copy of the "Vincent - Whiteraven" pack!

I hope all have happy times with use these models in your game.

You can Download Vincent Valentine "field" & "battle" models in my site of "FFVII Character Model" section

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