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As I understand it, the Steam version allows for the story of the Final Fantasy IX to be altered somewhat, as evidenced by Tirlititi's Alternate Fantasy mod.

My question however is this:

What do I need in order to do something similar? I want to add Beatrix into more scenes starting with the Outer Continent and eventually make her a straight up playable character and automatically recruited as part of the party. I would love to learn what I need to do in order to make this happen so any pointers to where I can begin would be greatly appreciated.

My second goal in lieu of the first is to essentially swap Amarant and Blank. The reason I wish to do this is because frankly Amarant doesn't ever impact the story in any significant way beyond a single scene in Ipsen's Castle that is negligible at best. Blank however was noted to be the closest member to Zidane in Tantalus and after his depetrification, doesn't really do much. I feel like Blank would be a much more interesting addition to the party as he was a pretty grounded, rational, and yet somehow selfless character.

As I see it, I can accomplish this story-wise without much difficulty (not modding wise, I'm sure), for Blank was noted to being able to make antidotes and love potions for Zidane, he could rejoin the party when you go on the potion quest to revert Cid back to a human which (obviously) fails. Even so, you could gather the three potions and Blank could be the one to mix them, thus giving him a reason to be back in the picture at this point.

So my two major goals are:

1. Learn how to script fully functional scenes and make what Tirlititi did with Beatrix mandatory instead of optional.
2. Learn how to switch Amarant for Blank.

Already in this mod of mine, I have begun work on changing the characters to fit certain archetypes.

For Example:

Steiner has been altered and all of his abilities have been altered to reflect that of a Dark Knight. He gains shadow elemental attacks, and his main gimmick is that he destroys the health, soul, mind, and strength of his enemies and takes it as his own. He will be strong, but will take time to become a full fledged and powerful Dark Knight.

Beatrix has been upgraded slightly to being a full out Paladin. I changed out her redundant life spell and gave her Dispel. I also changed a couple abilities to be exclusively hers, such as Shock. Her ultimate weapon happens to be the Excalibur II which has a few Paladin-esque abilities tied to it that she cannot learn but can use so long as she has that weapon equipped.

Garnet has been upgraded to being mainly a summoner. She can eventually gain access to every eidolon, including their different forms such as the different carbuncles and the two forms of Fenrir. However her white magic abilities have been drastically reduced to only 8 spells total. She has access to Cura, Curaga, Blind, Mini, Float, Berserk, Confuse, and Silence. Her abilities names have been changed from Summon to Evocation, and from Wht Magic to Gray Magic. Due to Garnet being of age as a summoner she has access to Boost which allows her to summon the most powerful version of her eidolon's attacks.

Eiko has remained mostly the same as she was originally. She has access to the same four eidolons but being too young and not meant to be summoning lore wise, she cannot summon every eidolon as she pleases. Her Fenrir will randomly change as it usually does, and her Carbuncles can only be changed when she is focusing on a crystal in hand (just like in vanilla). Maduin (Madeen) and Phoenix are still a part of her as well but unlike Garnet, Eiko cannot learn the Boost skill. Therefore all her eidolons will randomly be chosen between long and short animations. However what makes Eiko great is that she is the only party member to have full access to the white magic. She is also only one of two people who can use resurrection spells/abilities. The other being Beatrix.


So as you can see, I'm very much dedicated to seeing this project through. Any pointers and tips would be greatly appreciated!


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Re: (Final Fantasy IX-Steam) Story and Character Modding
« Reply #1 on: 2017-09-09 01:26:23 »
it seems many people who play this game are quite obssesed with beatrix. to be honest i think its impossible to have her at early as start from outer continent due to game handling those characters. since you probably need to have those story character in your party or else the game might freeze/crash at some point, who knows? P.S. later on there are more problems will come to you when you try to hack beatrix into party.

me myself had tried before hack beatrix into party like you but failed due to the story handling those characters. there are too much freeze and even crash at some point made me give up upon getting beatrix into party. so i just play tirlititi's alternate fantasy mod and recruit her later in game.

maybe you should just stick to his mod and get beatrix later on in game(its optional here). its impossible to have beatrix in party at earlier point since there are many problem will occur.

for blank and amarant switch, probably its possible to do it but, it will be tons of jobs you need to do here. to me armarant is quite a good character here, cool and awesome character design and his skills are quite ok too. the character i hate the most here is quina since he's probably the most useless character being in the game. i dont really like this character compared to the other and also Zidane, the monkey boy. but his dyne skill is nice only.

i see you have done some work on your mod, nice. but if you can get the beatrix mod f yours done nicely, i will support you since i am the same as you hoping that she can be recruited automaticaly and at early point but i think thats not possible :-(


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Re: (Final Fantasy IX-Steam) Story and Character Modding
« Reply #2 on: 2018-07-29 14:58:41 »
Hi everyone, it's me again.

I have another question. I remember seeing somewhere a mod that allowed Steiner access to his Swd Mag without Vivi being in the party, but I can't seem to find where that was. I'm still working on the FFIX Steam version and want to change Swd Mag to instead of being Vivi's spell list for Steiner, to be debilitating magic infused sword strikes.

For example:

Instead of having Fire Sword, Fira Sword, Firaga Sword etc. Steiner will have a shorter list in his arsenal with Poison Sword, Stone sword, Slow Sword, Stop Sword, Venom Sword, etc. This will tie nicely into his Dark Knight reimagination in my mod since he will essentially be "fighting dirty" with his own magical sword skills and then sacrificing his own health to decimate and debilitate the strength of his enemies. And while I think it is simple enough to change the spell list in Hades Workshop, I'm still a little floundered on how to give Steiner automatic access to that skill without Vivi needing to be present.

Any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
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