Author Topic: [FFX STEAM] New Translation - Recruiting Technical Help  (Read 625 times)


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Calling the English versions of the FFX games an abomination is too kind. While all of the games have their issues in the original Japanese, at least half of what brings it down in the west is the rotten translation and dubbing. I already have a second set of eyes willing to help on the translation side, but neither of us have the more technical hacking skills for the project. Help is needed with:

-Dumping the Japanese script, preferably with the ability to play the voice along with the text. Japanese is a very nuanced language, and the way things are said makes a difference.
-Making a patch to put the new script into the Steam version of the game at a minimum (assuming it isn't just editing a file WYSWIG style and overwriting the old one, if it can easily be put into other versions that's fine too), with the Japanese audio and for the game to function properly. I have no idea how Squeenix managed to create bugs in X-2 Steam (and Last Mission?) with the Japanese audio, but this will have to be addressed. Since we're going to modify the Japanese script, and the Japanese script works, we're assuming the problem is probably a Square USA "feature," but if it's not, we'll need help fixing it. This is going to be a lot of work to translate ya, and we're frankly not going to do it for free if we won't be satisfied with the final product ya, so it's the real audio or bust. (Fun fact: Wakka is only that much of a dumbass in the English localisation ya.)
-Extra sets of eyes to look four stupid and easily correctable mistakes like that one that can be missed when you stare at the screen too long.

A similar post will go up for the FF8 as well. While we're not promising to do all four games, we'll start on whichever one gets the technical help first. If we start with the FFX games they will be done in reverse order, as both of us played X and X-2 very recently, which is what lead to the idea of redoing these in the first place.