Author Topic: final fantasy 8 steam , a proposal for a new mod  (Read 1123 times)


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for the psx version of this game someone created a trainer ( that require the emulator ) that allow to control some monsters , is there anyone interested in create the same mod even for the steam version ? just think about how cool could be to use liforbidden , or even a boss , for example , the lust form of seifer that doesn't have that sloppy and poor animation for the normal attack ( unlike the one that we can use in dollet )


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Re: final fantasy 8 steam , a proposal for a new mod
« Reply #1 on: 2017-11-26 14:29:10 »
I created one for 2000 PC version, shouldn't be a problem to port it to Steam, although it requires CheatEngine. I'll keep you updated, but I'm extremely busy lately.

EDIT: DAMMIT! I can't find either CE table nor anything in my IDA database that would indicate location of entity ID for battle.... also my FFVIII folder is ultimate trash
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