Author Topic: [FF7] Assistance in creating Dark Knight abilities.  (Read 765 times)


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Hello. Recently I posted on here if there was anyone that could help me figure out if it was possible to create a materia/command that acts similar to a Dark Knight ability, to sacrifice user HP for bonus physical damage, either for one attack or for multiple (in the style of Darkness from FF4).

However, despite the idea that was given to me, I am still very new to FF7 modding. I know enough to edit weapon/item data and some values with the Wallmarket kernel.bin editor, however not much beyond that.

So, I am asking any of you who read this for help on how to do this, or ways that it could work and be usable in game. This whole concept is very cool to me and I'd love to see it in this game, but I need the help of those who know FAR more about this than I do.

I will take any honest suggestion that anyone has, and will most likely ask for some more help as well, whatever I need to use and edit to make this idea come to life.

Thank you in advance, all who help.