Author Topic: Animation mod stopped working/started acting weird for me awhile ago.  (Read 795 times)


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I've made a topic on this before that didn't really get any headway, but I decided to delete and redownload everything today to see if it would fix it.

It didn't, but when I accidentally loaded a save that wasn't the one I was currently using, the animation mod was working perfectly fine

....except it was working whether I had the animation mod turned on or not.

It was only this particular save where it would always work whether I had the Kaldarasha animations turned on or not (They were put in the activated mods portion, but I wouldn't actually switch them to on in the mod config)

With this new development I am completely and utterly confused on what I should do to fix it, and I'd appreciate any help, I can provide screenshots and whatever else is needed if someone can help me figure this out cus I'm semi incompetent with this kinda stuff if I'm not having my hand held.