Author Topic: 7th heaven stuck after controller input softlock  (Read 482 times)


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7th heaven stuck after controller input softlock
« on: 2017-12-27 06:40:04 »
soo, i got everything working well, but the 8/4/6/2 movement control scheme i find brutal, so i tried to switch to gamepad controls only to find that it doesnt recognize my wired 360 controller (i had selected one of the buttons to alter the joypad input on before i realized) and the game got softlocked cuz i couldnt enter a button, nor could i back out since it didnt recognize the controller input.

no problem says i, i'll just tab out, close the window, and reopen it.. except now when i open it (through 7th heaven) the only button it seems to recognize is enter. all i can do is continue by hitting enter thru the save game selector and loading in. cant start a new game or interact with any menus at all aside from just confirming with enter.

any help would be greatly appreciated, looking forward to getting back into this gem from yesteryear.