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Music question
« on: 2017-12-29 22:25:09 »
After a few years of being away from modding ffvii, so much has changed! Needless to say, I was forced to reinstall windows...and ffvii. My saved modded game wouldn't work >> So I decided it was time to redo it with the steam version someone bought for me instead of my discs...and I found 7th Heaven.

It's a lot easier to use than Bootleg, I think (though I appreciated Bootleg for everything it did), but I do have one question. My previously modded game, I used FF7Music and was able to do my own tracks with a mix of OST, orchestral, and FFVIIAC music...but it doesn't sound like 7th heaven works if you use that plugin under sound, right? Am I reading this right? And if it doesn't, is there a way for me to do my music again in a way that's compatible with 7th heaven?

EDIT: it wasn't that difficult to just rename the audio files and make the mod, so I have my music list again. This program is very easy to use!
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