Author Topic: balance changes I made, anyone interested?  (Read 1165 times)


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balance changes I made, anyone interested?
« on: 2018-01-22 04:15:42 »
If anyone is interested  I will share the files I modded (assuming no copyright issue)

Mob monsters have the following changes in general.

Massive increased dexterity, so more likely to go first and more frequent turns
Moderatly increased Magi/Str so attacks hurt more
Some enemies now deal ailments on attacks
Steal rate is massively increased so stealing isnt a grind, but not 100% chance. soft steal isnt increased on the enemies that drop valgyre claw, so those claws do not become impossible to get.
Item drop rate significantly increased, so if you farming for items, you less likely to get overlevelled in the process. typically rare 3% becomes 10%, otherwise drop rate is around 50-60%. More so it should hopefully mean anyone is happy to not farm for items at all.


Usually 4x increase in HP so they feel like a boss, and can survive things like omnislash, some bosses may have lower increase (very early game in midgar), others may have larger increase.
Massive increase in Str/Mag so attacks really hurt, some battles you will need sadness to survive.
Significant increase in dexterity.


Various accessories are boosted.


Some balance changes to potions

Potions - restore fixed 300 hp
HI Potions - restore 50% hp
Elixir - restore 50% hp/mp
Megalixir - restore full hp/mp ONE character only

The only way to recover all mp/hp on entire party in one go is aerith limit break, so megalixir no longer cheaps out her ability.

Life - restores 33% instead of 25% hp
Life 2 - grants death force as an extra, also MP cost increased as well to balance out.
Pheonix downs, grant wall, I plan to make phoenix downs only have a 66% chance of working to encourage magic use.

The reason for life and pheonix down been buffed is when used in hard hitting fights, with just plain 25% recovery you struggle to keep revived character alive at times.

I may have made other changes I forgot about, I am pretty sure I adjusted limit breaks balance, and summons. (years ago).

I am considering allowing elixir and megalixir to be used on dead characters to revive as well.

Cloud starts at level 1
growth curves adjusted so characters are much more unique and extreme e.g. tifa gets pretty high dexterity, aerith gets very good magic growth but is noticebly weaker physically.
hp and mp can still get high end of game but grow slower at lower levels, and catch up later on.
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