Author Topic: menu overhaul exe mods materia stats  (Read 931 times)


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menu overhaul exe mods materia stats
« on: 2018-01-24 23:52:38 »
the ff7_mo.exe seemingly is only supposed to be for the menu overhaul, but it actually makes balance changes to the game.

Very disappointed, but I guess this is what happens when people make "one big mod" and then it tries to be separated.


Steal materia stock increases dexterity by +2, no other stat changes.

When using the ff7_mo.exe the steal materia increases dexterity by 10, decreases luck by 10 and decreases max mp by 4%.  All the materia follows a similar pattern in they have much more extreme affects on stats.  Seems kernel.bin gets ignored.

Nowhere in the 7th heaven FAQ and guide does it state this exe modifies game balance, also the menu overhaul in 7th heaven app does not mention this either.

Can this please be fixed?

If I use the other alternative exe provided which is ff7_bc.exe supposed to be only used when enabling the retranslation feature, the stats are "not" modified, but various descriptions are changed which I prefer not to have.
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