Author Topic: FFX PC Swap?  (Read 469 times)


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FFX PC Swap?
« on: 2018-02-16 01:26:32 »
Before my question, I did give some search on this page about "FFX" topics. Ok, its clear to me its absolute DEATH topic asking about a "reverse vbf" for import your own models in the game (specially in X-2 with the Creature Creator, which it make the game exaggerate funny to play as the lame it was at first hand many years ago not knowing Japanese for play the International version too)
But, I found kind hard they make a reverse tool for the model convertor its around too, I mean, yeah, it can turn them in .SMD with bones and all, but a reverse tool sound hard, addling a reverse vbf, sounds even crazy to.
So, I gonna go more on the basic, after read this:

Wouldn't be easier? Just finding that data and editing it, at least for me I could edit some aspect of the game, or more likely play with the ones I really want to play in the game.

And yes, sorry for my poor English as its not my native language too.
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