Author Topic: For those new or do not know you can have a readme using text document!  (Read 519 times)


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I have recently started including one myself.  This is great for giving additional instructions as well.  I'll mostly use it for a history of changes probably.  This will be great for others as well who like to see a history of changes etc.  Very simple like I said in the topic use a .txt document name it readme and place it in the main folder along with the .xml.  Also a slight mod update as well since we are on the subject.  Playing through the game again to make sure everything in the current version is working again.  This is mostly due to some big mistake on my part.  Was able to recover everything fine and had back up of all my current work before the refresh.  No current eta but plan to go through it as fast as possible unless life has other plans and what not.  Anyway hope this helps you guys if you were wondering if this was possible and didn't know cheers.