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« on: 2018-07-15 10:15:44 »
This mod is the New Game+ (sequel) to it's predecessor: Final Fantasy IX: The Zodiac Age & Final Fantasy IX: The Zodiac Age Definitive Edition.
This mod returns vanilla characters except for Steiner R. (Steiner Slot) and Luke (Cinna slot).[/b]
The mod is not long, as it's New Game and End game follow a different route through FF9 locations.
Gameplay in the mod is relatively the same as it's predecessor in terms of mechanics. The notable difference is, the player is put in a seclusive, strategic situation where you'll have to use what's given to you to be able to grow your characters strong and proceed through the game. A lot of time has gone into insuring this type of difficulty remains balanced for the player to have a solid, smooth advantage.
Vanilla characters are recruitable in this mod.
The player could choose not to recruit such characters for the price of harder difficulty.

Support Abilities:
Only a few are available. Support abilities not included are:

Due to this mod's indifferent New Game state, any savegames from the vanilla version, Alternate Fantasy, FF9: The Zodiac Age, or any other mod including Memoria are not compatible. Using such incompatible savegame may render numerous bugs and glitches, game freezes and soft-locks.
There are no save points in this mod. Instead, your progress is relied on autosave. Take precaution with your Lv. grinding and always have a strategy in mind in case a battle may not rule in your favor.
This mod initially started in 2017, but was put on hold for FF9: The Zodiac Age's extra story construction.

2 weeks after the nightmare of the prime target ended, another soul is plagued with similar nightmares as the previous embodiment.

The Interdimensional Elevator, now fully secreted, remains unsullied. Those unfitting victims have returned to their rightful place, yet the era of Gaia that once was Holocene of 1800 is now rigid and invariable. Time flows differently in the world of Gaia now, due to the Maenads' wicked intentions.
As Queen Garnet of Alexandria rests her throne, the remaining judges of Gaia seek out the mysterious of their land, in search for an answer. Yet the one lost soul now plagued with nightmares, is now ensnared.
And the darkness remaining in your heart will project onto reality.

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