Author Topic: Can't download the Media - Movies Package  (Read 277 times)


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Can't download the Media - Movies Package
« on: 2018-05-21 13:17:47 »
i've downloaded everything else and its all installed, just the movies to go.. it get's to about 50-80% downloaded then says
"Error Downloading Media - Movies An exception occurred during a WebClient."
Ive tried waiting between downloads (because of download limits with Mega and Gdrive)
I've tried downloading several times, over the past few weeks, and still no succession..
i had this problem with the feild textures as well, but in the end, they all downloaded.. this one is giving me the most trouble and it's doing my head in! >.<
Please could someone send me a direct link so i can download through my browser instead, and instructions for manual installation? I've been wanting to play these mods for a while now, years even.. but only now had the chance.. my device can handle it, (it's designed to :P )
Please help.. really wanna play :( and its only the movies pack i need.

Hope to hear from someone soon.