Author Topic: .dotemu interview - a secret behind porting games  (Read 525 times)


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Hoarding again through the FF executables I found the .dotemu references. Quickly found out it's a game porting studio. Here's the interview:

From my personal experience working in commercial gamedev industry, porting game is usually hacking it on your own to make it working with current gen (in case of retro games there's almost never a source code, just an ISO). However, dotemu actually said the dev department of SE did in fact provide support for their game, which happens quite rare. We can't talk about source code for sure, but I think they actually remembered how things go and for example how to use AF3DN.P for memory injection and passed that info to dotemu.
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Re: .dotemu interview - a secret behind porting games
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They talk about being huge fans and aiming for the best quality. And they are also responsible for the badly-scaled assets and rendering issues that plague the PC versions of FFV and FFVI.

There is a bit of a disconnect here between what they have said and what they delivered.