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Changing Disc's
« on: 2018-07-02 15:18:29 »
Hello everyone, Its nice to meet you all, I'm new here and I'm in a bit of trouble.
I install the 7th Heaven mod with tifa final heaven and play all through the first disc up to the aftermath of the second jenova bossfight and the burial of aerith without any problem at all, then after all of this, the game ask me to insert disk 2, but I dont know how, I try
1) Renaming the blank iso FF7DISC1 to FF7DISC2 and mounted with UltraIso, but it's still recognise as FF7DISC1.
2) Renaming my only usb flash drive to FF7DISC2 but still nothing although maybe it's because I have stuff on it.
3) Renaming/Editing the text file inside the blank FF7DISC1 iso, but it's impossible.
If anyone ask I'm playing it in a Laptop with Windows 8, and sorry if this had been answer in the past, I cannot find any solution in any site