Author Topic: Hello all, newly downloaded this mod. About the 3 texture packs included..  (Read 424 times)


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Can i use all three or can you only use one ?

Ive tried a couple of times but it freezes for me, i think i can fix this myself anyways, but yeah, can i use all 3 textures or should i just use one of them ?

If so, in your opinions, which one is best lol.

Thanks all, looking forward to a playthrough with these mods. :)


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I believe you're supposed to pick one. They all go about retexturing a little differently and look a little different, but I think the big world texture packs all cover all the same stuff. So the last one that loads is just going to overwrite everything else anyway.


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7th heaven loads top to bottom so the highest mod that alters a certain file takes priority. The field packs all use the same files so having them all activated does nothing for you.


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i have tried all, but for me i prefer the pack from satsuki.. it looks a bit over exposed, but i like it that the other 2 that look like too much contrast for me..