Author Topic: [FFVIII-PCSteam] Vit0 and Darkside modify?  (Read 582 times)


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[FFVIII-PCSteam] Vit0 and Darkside modify?
« on: 2018-08-01 22:49:46 »
Hey guys, I wanted to know if its possible to modify vit0 to affect only VIT, for just a certain amount of time and not SPR as well? Cause its kinda broken to nullify both in only one effect and lasting until the end of battle.
Also, is it possible to modify Darkside power? The standard is kind of weak and not that useful.

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Re: [FFVIII-PCSteam] Vit0 and Darkside modify?
« Reply #1 on: 2018-08-02 22:39:35 »
Darkside damage seems a bit awkward to modify. You could try:

0x91069 = 8D 34 B6
(or 0x491069 if the game is running)

That should boost the damage by 33%. Unmodified, Squall dealt 400 damage with Darkside which went up to 600 damage with the above change.

Way it looks in assembly is:

It can be put up one more time with:
0x91069 = 8D 34 F6

The damage dealt with that is 1100, but increasing it past that will probably need more involved adjustments unless there's a different place where the damage can be increased.