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Final Fantasy IX Mod Overhaul (FF9 Remaster WIP)
« on: 2018-08-27 21:30:15 »
FF9 Remaster (Still WIP)

The IX-XII Engine is a modified FF9 Engine crossworking with FF12’s PhyreEngine. The main engine used is PhyreEngine™. This project, entitled: IX-XII Engine, all of FINAL FANTASY IX’s pre rendered fields have been remastered in 3D environments. This version of the mod introduces new gameplay mechanic features such as: Gambits, Cinematic Attacks and ATB modes. Current ATB modes are:

ATB Classic: Set the game to ATB classic. This mode returns random encounters and sets the battle back to turn-based.

ADB: Set the game to ADB (Active Dimension Battle). This mode is the default in IX-XII Engine, which all battles are fought in real time, using XII’s defaulted Action Gauge.

ATB Classic mode, would allow the player to have more freedom in the way they play this mod. With gambits, the stigma of “too much auto-battle” is quite high. Doing this also allows the mod to be versatile in its gameplay mechanics.

I am working this alone now. My old colleagues lack the free time much for this nowadays. My workflow consists of re-imagining how ff9's environments would look from a complete 3D perspective based on the the original ff9 backgrounds. I use these backgrounds to make appropriate textures to bring a sense of originality to the 3D map. As for the game code, that's a new level; I must import code from ff9's ATB system (this can be found in the Assembly CSharp file), and "merge" it with ffxii's, allowing the player to have their own preference for battles. These options would allow battles to be fought in live time or, if the player wants to stay classic, switch to ATB mode from the settings menu and return random encounters; return turn based battles and the battle swirl effect when entering a battle. Audio and the like are ported straight from ff9's archive files, with some, few additions: (Voice actors) that I've already hired at my own expense. Voice actors for all the characters. With PhyreEngine we can turn all the "intensive-conversations" into cutscenes, and leave the minor conversations with NPCs as simple text dialog bubbles. I'm using two of my current voice actors from my own game made in UE4 and voiced in the mod: FF9: Unheralded Silent Iifa. The voice of Steiner and Luke (Cinna).

The process will continue to go extremely slow, being a one person job.

Here's how things been going for me with ff9 recently

Ever since I got the idea of this project and began working on the character remakes (Zidane/Dagger etc.) and planning everything to do ahead, I've gotten inspired with different ideas I could do for a regular ff9 mod and hence, another ff9 mod by me is released (e.g. FF9-2, Unheralded Silent Iifa etc.) I tried to balance the work load by dedicating every month to one project (which now was only the ff9 remaster, since I finished the other mod projects I wanted -- FF9 Zodiac Age, FF9-2, Unheralded Silent Iifa) but other things like my job conflict of course, and as something like this being a large project, there's many areas to touch on and get worked on that trying to send off a screenshot or something would be a while just cause of the workload ahead. Before hand I did have a couple of old colleague artists helping me with the character remakes, 3D sculpts and the like. one of them had polished up Garnet long hair (he's made it private though now, idk why, but now I'll be doing my own version) and my progress with Lindblum/Hideout field rendered:



That's still on disc 1, and it's what I've been doing so far now, but ever since my colleges stopped working with me on the project (they were more interested on ff9: the zodiac age characters and modding that with ff12 ~ making Rydia and Nyx Ulric models) I've been basically left alone with the ff9 remaster. :/ As much as I want to do it, I was hit with question of if it's worth it, since now I'm only working on it.
I'm hoping this one other artist accepts my request. Even if I have to chuck out some money, it'll be worth it in the end.

FF9 Mod construction and history

Final Fantasy IX: The Zodiac Age begun back in 2014, during the making of The Mist: Resurrection. (There are 6 other immersive projects of mine, but none are related to FF9) FF9: The Zodiac Age underwent numerous alterations and changes as more features available to do so for me came up. It was released this year, 2018. The CG scenes for that mod are still not finished. This is (mainly) due to the reason my fan made 3d models of Nyx Ulric (FFXV: Kingsglaive) and Rydia of Mist (FFIV) are extremely detailed models requiring high rendering power in such scenes. Especially with Rydia's hair, she has thousands of child strands within her parent hair strands and the natural movements of her hair rendered in real time (the mod) and prerendered (the CG scene) requires I use Tri3fecta's render farm. Same goes for Nyx Ulric, his extreme detail structure (prerendered) takes at least a week to render a scene in. (Yes! one week) I have this amazing workflow that use to create lower poly versions of higher poly models and still achieve great models (thanks to Larafan25 for your amazing techniques!). This had to be done to have Nyx Ulric and Rydia be rendered real time in the game (mod). I will have a documentary of my workflow progress for these remasters in months. Final Fantasy IX: Unheralded Silent Iifa begin this year (2018, about 2 months after FF9: The Zodiac age release). I originally started Unheralded Silent Iifa back in 2017, but put it on hold because I needed to have the FF9 Zodiac Age mod's extra story fully constructed before proceeding with Unheralded Silent Iifa, which serves as New Game+ to that mod. I also write stories, I love to write ever since grade school, and when I composed the extra story for the ff9 zodiac age mod, it took A LOT of thought and hard focus to be able to keep the original story of ff9 consistent while properly adding extra story to aid the player in understanding why they're introduced to new characters, and why Vivi is the only remaining original character. A lot of work that turned out right. Bearing in mind, I used my inspiration from Team Silent to abstractly hide a lot of messages in that mod to understand the truth. Tri3fecta's generous composer also composed the soundtrack for the FF9: Zodiac Age, as it's very immersive. I have also hired at my own expense, professional voice actors for such projects, games and mods, both which I have made long time relations with.

I'll try to post more progress render of environments more consistent, but won't make any promises with my schedule.

Thank you for your read.  :)
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