Author Topic: [FF8PC-Steam] Ragnarok Rebalancing Mod (v1.2a & v1.1a)  (Read 148430 times)


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Re: [FF8PC-Steam] Ragnarok Rebalancing Mod (v1.2a & v1.1a)
« Reply #650 on: 2021-04-07 13:55:43 »
waiting on update to try this one :D, only thing i never liked about ff8 was that it esentially punishes you for using magic :(   shame the mp system is gone,   a combination of of the 2 would have been fine.  spells cost mp to cast & you can still collect 100 of each spell for the sake of junctioning alone, but casting only uses mp, not taking away from the total.  could make acquiring spells super more limited that way for balance buttttt wouldn't feel bad for every cast and wind up just using physical attacks and gfs lol....   

never the less, awaiting new version! :D