Author Topic: FF9 Guardians of Terra PROJECT IDEA: searching for help  (Read 608 times)


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Good day guys;
I'll expain: I have a project in mind, and I am looking to recruit potential to pull this off. Having FF9 less tools than the other games in franchise, we'd especially need a programmer to help us in it (of course, everyone is welcome). Specifically, I want to add a very specific sequence to the game: remember that part in disc 3 where you had to face all the Guardians of Terra (the matches were: Zidane & Quina VS Earth Guardian, Steiner & Vivi VS Air Guardian, Dagger & Eiko VS Water Guardian, and Freya & Amarant VS Fire RECREATING the other 3 boss fights, with the right couples of characters (those stated above), and with the original 3D models (so not those of their enhanced versions in Memoria), and everything necessary. That said, I perfectly know it'd be a pretty big work, so I'd be, of course, ready to offer a compensation, which we could discuss about, eventually. If anyone is interested and/or wish to have more details about it, please let me know. You can contact me through answering this post, or through personal message if you prefer, here on Qhimm, or through these other accounts eventually: Steam (nickname: fe1_11;, Gamefaqs (nickname: Maniacus; ), Romhacking (nickname: Linkerang, again;, Discord (I'm also active through the Discord server, where my nickname is ILDB; here's the link to it:, Nexus (again, Linkerang; Have a nice day  :)
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