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Too much nonsense in the FF Wiki.

This one blew my mind.

1. It's not deliberate that you can save here to exploit the Midgardsormr.  It's an oversight by the developers. An easy fix I have implemented is to stop you opening the menu on the marsh.

2. If you were to save near the Midgardsormr's spawn position, it would still be "unwinnable".

3. The reason the Midgardsormr's position is not saved is because it respawns. It was of no consequence to the programmers that its position be saved. The memory needed to save its position is the same as it would be for ANY object on the world map - a number of bytes. It would not "bloat" sod all. The programmers would not have had to save all parts of it.

Honestly, I wish people would stick to the facts.

Also, as usual, a lot of the fixes and information in the Wiki has been taken from Qhimms without any credit whatsoever, which really pisses me off.

Then fix it? The bit you're complaining about was written by someone with literally four edits to their name (and that was their first). The wiki receives lots of traffic, but only has like one or two people who check every edit made and they are not experts in everything.

I'll consider helping out when the people there start giving credit for the numerous things the find here.  Also, I don't have a login there - or I would have this time.

You can edit the wiki without an account if you don't mind revealing your IP.

I just checked the game and the Midgar Zolom has two spawns points, and always seems to spawn on the opposite side of the marsh. I didn't save/load the game each time, but I can't imagine it decides its spawn position differently to the way it does after its killed. So you can't get spawn trapped.

It wouldn't be as easy as saving the single point position of the Midgar Zolom if they wanted the game to load the game exactly as the Midgar Zolom appeared when it was saved. If they did ever consider it I could see the length and complexity being a reason to not even bother.

I've edited wikis on several occasions and very rarely has anyone overwritten the changes I remember making. "Credit" is no one undoing your change. The whole point is that contributions can be anonymous. You could leave a reference to a post here if you want to leave "proof", but it's hard to prove intent of developers.


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