Author Topic: MateriaEdit - Final Fantasy 7 Editing Suite  (Read 212 times)


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MateriaEdit - Final Fantasy 7 Editing Suite
« on: 2018-10-11 11:54:45 »
Hello I have a little trouble with this program when re-doing the menus for 33 levels of AP
It is new menu.

All attributes is good work, level 2 AP to level 6 AP is work too, level 22 AP to level 33 AP is work too but other is not going work !

Why does not it work well, someone can tell me what he is not going!
Also the programe only handles the first six invocations?
it's normal ! ?

thanks to help me ^^

Note'' Finaly i am the all menus for 33 level is work good perfect
Change it possible more equip effet, statut bit, element bite and type for more option.

Exemple: Materia Mage it is use all element magic level 1 + Magic booster + Mana booster and summoner low power.

Look Max five option possible.

It is some good idea ?
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