Author Topic: Final Fantasy VII Materia's Elements  (Read 1120 times)


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Final Fantasy VII Materia's Elements
« on: 2019-01-01 17:57:24 »
I have read somewhere that although some materias have multiple elements(like Kujata, Typhon) they are coded only with 1 element so others are useless but I can not remember where I read this. I think it was from finalfantasywikia. If somebody finds its link please post it here. Also is it true? Is it also valid for enemy skill materia for example for magic breath enemy skill?


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Re: Final Fantasy VII Materia's Elements
« Reply #1 on: 2019-01-01 20:01:47 »
It's true, you can check for yourself with WallMarket. However, don't confuse magic spell's elements with a Materia's element, these are two different things. The Materia's element is only relevant for combination with the "Element" Materia to determine elemental attack or defense for the equipped party member. It has nothing to do with the magic spells that the Materia in question possesses.


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Re: Final Fantasy VII Materia's Elements
« Reply #2 on: 2019-01-02 14:53:24 »
Materia do not have multiple elements. There's only one assigned to each materia. Kujata is a summon that has multiple elements attached to the action, but the materia technically has no affinity.