Author Topic: [FFVII] Cheats/mods for a Cloud-Sephiroth-Vincent party  (Read 529 times)


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I am super new to the FFVII modding scene; I've never played it on a PC before and I intend to make my first foray into it soon. I've always played it on consoles, completely vanilla, and now I want to experiment with modding/cheats in ways I couldn't before.

One of the things I'd really like to do is play with Sephiroth as a party member. However, Vincent is one of my favorite characters, and most of the cheats I've read about dictate that you can't have both without breaking one of them because they share a slot. So I was looking into mods here, thinking a mod might get around the issues that cheat codes run into, but a lot of the Sephiroth mods here seem to make Sephiroth the main character, replacing Cloud. While I don't necessarily mind that, that would be a separate thing I'd want to do, maybe with the Sephiroth Story mod I've seen in my search of this forum. But I still want an option to play with both Sephiroth and Vincent as party members in an otherwise vanilla game, with Cloud as the main character. (Note: if this is only possible with character overrides, I'm okay with Cait Sith or Yuffie being replaced. I thought Yuffie would be relatively easy to replace since she's optional like Vincent is, but I didn't see any mods like that so I'm thinking I was totally mistaken.)

Is what I want to do possible? I did search the forums, and also did a general Google search, but if there was anything out there that could fit the bill then I must've missed it. Are the only options to replace either Vincent or Cloud?

Also, as a quick aside - what's the best version of FFVII in regards to my ability to use cheats, or the selection of mods I'll have access to? Emulating the original game? (I own the discs, for the record, nothing illegal going on here.) The PC version? The Steam version? I haven't yet looked into/decided what version I'm going to play, so if any of them are a notably superior experience I'd like to know.

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Re: [FFVII] Cheats/mods for a Cloud-Sephiroth-Vincent party
« Reply #1 on: 2019-01-23 16:15:42 »
Doing this purely for battles is relatively straightforward.

What you want to do is, get yourself Luksy's ULGP tool; it's for unpacking model archives to be edited and then repacking them.

Go to the FF7/DATA/BATTLE folder and grab the battle.lgp archive from it. Unpack it using ULGP and it should give you a folder with all the loose model files inside. The model files/parts are identified by the first two letters in the file name, so everything starting with 'RT' for instance belongs to Cloud's model.

RTAA: Cloud
RUAA: Tifa
RVAA: Aeris
RXAA: Yuffie
RYAA: Cait Sith
SAAA: Sephiroth
SBAA: Barret A
SCAA: Barret B
SDAA: Barret C
SEAA: Barret D
SFAA: Vincent A
SGAA: Vincent B
SHAA: Vincent C
SIAA: Hi-poly Cloud

As a sidenote, there are multiple copies of Barret and Vincent to handle different weapon animations in case you're wondering.

So what you can do here is, you can make a copy of Sephiroth's 'SA' files and then rename them to match a different character's files. When the game loads that character, it'll have Sephiroth's battle model instead.

If we delete all of, for example, Yuffie's files (any file starting with RX) and then rename our copied Seph files to use RX instead of SA, then whenever Yuffie is in a battle it'll load Sephiroth's battle model.

For the weapons, we can get away with just replacing the first weapon with Sephiroth's only weapon but for more variety you could grab Cloud's weapon files and use those to replace the remaining weapons; weapon files typically always have a 'c' as their 3rd character; so all 'RTC' files are all Cloud's weapons, 'RXC' are all Yuffie's weapons, etc.

When finished, repack the archive and put it back into the ff7/data/battle folder.

For the menu portraits, you want to head into FF7/DATA/MENU and extract the menu_us.lgp. In here you'll find a bunch of .TEX files that handle character portraits in menus + smaller versions for PHS/shop menus. Same deal here; get rid of the target character's files and replace them with a renamed copy of Sephiroth's files.

For the weapons + stats, you'll want to use the kernel editor 'Wall Market' (install Visual Basic Power Pack 3 to get this tool working on newer machines).

If you pop open the kernel.bin (located in ff7/data/kernel for old FF7 PC, and in ff7/data/lang-en/kernel for steam version) you'll be able to modify your target replacement character's starting weapons, stats, etc. for something closer to what you'd expect Sephiroth to have. You can rename the weapons too if you want.

As for field screens, that's a bit more involved as there are a lot of screens, animations, etc. to change (and dialogue, assuming). You might be best leaving this as-is unless you want to undertake your own project to changing it all.