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as request of Kuraudo and with permission of Chrysalis, I decided to upload the assets I have for ESUI 2.32 (Enhanced Stock UI v2.32) in Gimp 2.10 source format (this is .xcf extension). This assets are mainly done for Spanish retranslation of Traducciones XT (, but as they have the original ESUI graphics, maybe is possible to use/modify/redo them to another languages.

Have in mind that this assets (the font ones) have not ALL the characters drawn individually. They maintain the original font in the base layer. But I have added/changed some other fonts/icons. So, you can follow a pattern to create new characters if needed.

Have in mind also that the texts of the battles are adapted to the Spanish retranslation. This means that you must change in the hexts the X/Y/Width/Height position of the ESUI hexts.

I have included also in the assets a folder with the Fonts (.TTF/.OTF) that are used in some of them.

Some of the assets have layers that can be activated/deactivated in Gimp, so finally we can have all the versions of the images (like the ones with gradient/bright fonts, xbox/ps buttons... among other). So, check this when exporting to .png the final image.

Of course, all of this is done in HD resolution, 4x upscaled.

Credits of this works goes to:

- Chrysalis (original hd assets)
- xulikotony/Ortew of "Traducciones XT" (original low resolution assets, some reused/rescaled to HD)
- Me ([email protected])

Here is the link of mega:

Feel free to use them for another languages, but please, credit the previously mentioned authors.

This assets have a GPL V3.0 license.
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Re: [FF7PC98] ESUI 2.32 Source Assets in Gimp 2.10 format
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Cheers [email protected], really appreciate.

We will have a look into it and hopefully get there. Thanks!