Author Topic: [FF7PC-STEAM] Error "Oops... Something went wrong :( please report the error..."  (Read 578 times)


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Hello :)
So I created the account to report this error that always happens to me when I activate some mod in 7th heaven.

But sometimes this error does not occur to me, and another error occurs when I start the game in "Launch Game": Error Starting FF7. It's version 1.54 because version 1.55 does not update for me... So I reinstalled on different partitions, even on my SSD, I tried to start as adm and nothing... I'm sure I did everything right, I followed every detail.  In Workshop> settings, I tried to change the initializers ff7.exe and it did not solve either!

Please help me solve it, I really want to play with these incredible mods!


GT 1030 GDDR5 2GB
G4560 3.5ghz
8GB RAM DDR4 2400mhz