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FPS drop while texture loading
« on: 2019-02-12 21:10:34 »
Hi everyone,

I searched the last 4 pages for a similar problem, but i haven't found anything, so i thought, I post a solution of my problem and might help others as well.

I am playing this game on 4k resolution with different (texture) mods (Echo-S, Kelas magic mod, avalanche arisen battle, reunion r05c).
Whenever i entered a new area, a battle, I encountered a fps drop. For example the game runs fine with 30fps and then drops to 17 fps and back to 30 fps. If the textures are once loaded, this drop does not happen again.
Still, i don't like this "feature" and so i began to search for a solution where i can experience a fluid gameplay.

There were only two things which did actually work and removed this fps drop.

1. Lower my resolution, for example to 1920x1080 => This is not really helping for 4k gaming ...
2. Using not fullscreen, but windowed.

Now, playing the game in windowed mode with a titlebar is not what i wanted and so i tried to get a borderless window. There is a tool I have used and worked without any problems at all.

If you are in the need for playing in windowed mode and want a borderless window, there you go =>
I also tried autohotkey, but it didn't work under windows 10 for this game.

If you think, this thread doesn't belong here or shouldn't exist, you are free to delete it. :-)

Kind regards