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[FF7PC] Valor Mode
« on: 2019-03-02 21:33:11 »
Hello all. I have been working on a FF7 difficulty mod that I would like to share.
I am hoping to get some feedback and make a few changes before posting a
final version.

Valor Mode (version 1.1)

 Valor Mode is a high (but not extreme) difficulty mod in which your
 defences and healing capabilities are much weaker, but your attacks and
 spells are generally stronger than in vanilla FFVII.
 It's balanced with speedrunning in mind and with the idea that no
 grinding or side content should be necessary to progress. It's also
 balanced around Powersoul (a very strong weapon for Tifa) strats - so
 if you are using other means to deal damage, the overall difficulty
 may increase.

Short Notes

 All weapons are buffed, usually an x1.5 attack increase. Some initial weapons
 give +Magic, others have a 25% crit rate. More armor pieces give offensive
 stats. Magic is much stronger, in particular: Comet, Ultima and the Contain spells.
 Limit breaks are easier to obtain.

 Strength and Magic of all bosses buffed, also slight Speed and Luck buffs.
 Regular enemies and most optional bosses remain unchanged.

 Potions heal for less, the highest amount being 600 HP from an X-potion.
 Phoenix downs, elixirs, megalixirs and turbo ethers are no longer usable
 in battle. You can still use ethers.

 Healing is much weaker: Cure2 and Cure3 heal for a lot less; Life and Regen
 have a large MP cost; White Wind is weaker. On top of that, characters have
 very low HP that doesn't scale up much, and their Vit + Spr stats are lower.
 Elemental armors and accessories have been reworked - there is no more
 'absorb' and only a few pieces have 'nullify'. All equipment slots nerfed
 to a maximum of 4 per piece.

 Sources are disabled, so are hero drinks. Some materia have been nerfed,
 like HP Plus, others have been given extreme AP requirements, like Mime,
 to prevent spawning more copies. Grenades are nerfed, as is Aqualung.

 More detailed notes are contained in the .zip file.


Mediafire link:

The zip contains:

- folders with the modifier scene and kernel files
- an .iro file for 7th heaven
- a text file with installation instructions
- a text file with full notes on the changes

Very short install guide:

Method 1: Import and activate the .iro file using 7th heaven

7th Heaven download and install guide here:

Method 2: Backup old versions of the scene / kernel / kernel2 files in your FF7 directory
and paste over with the modified files.

I hope you enjoy playing this mod. All feedback is welcome.

Thanks for reading.  :D
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Re: [FF7PC] Valor Mode
« Reply #1 on: 2020-01-03 18:06:48 »
Hi all. Could someone please move this to releases? Everything works as far as I can tell.