Author Topic: Question reguarding the ff7 debug room and how you enter it  (Read 1059 times)


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Apparently there are 2 ways of entering the debug room of final fantasy vii that i know of.

1 do this glitch thing in game to warp to there (takes a long time)

2. something about using a modded save file to enter the debug room.

i don't know how to do the second. i've been looking for a tutorial everywhere on how to actually look for and add a save file to my steam game and i can't find one anywhere. please help


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As to number 2: It is not about using a modded save file. Nothing in the process of getting into the debug room requires any kind of modding. What is required is a series of glitches, namely a little bit of Yuffie Warping and a lot of Battle Mode Warping. It is fairly convoluted as you have to iterate these wrong warps to create the necessary glitched file. I made a video tutorial on how to enter the debug room using this method a few years ago. I hope it helps.