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Magic Hammer, FF7 trainer for PSX Pal English version of the game [SCES_00867], ][SCES_10867], ][SCES_20867], Version: 1.0.

Trainer works with ePSXe 1.7.0 (did not test with other versions of the ePSXe),
exe file of the emulator must be called: "ePSXe.exe" or "ePSXe ENG.exe" without " ".

Magic Hammer v1.0 (light) - light version of the trainer requires installed Cheat Engine 6.5 version.

Description: The trainer contains cheat codes. To see data of FF7 and to test the game.
Use trainer at your own risk, and make backup save. Because trainer has not been tested enough.

 push Ctrl + G, to hide Refresh buttons

How to use:
Launch ePSXe emulator, then launch trainer.
To change data, click on the value in textbox and change value with keyboard buttons, then push "Enter" button to enter data.
To refresh values, click on the empty spot outside of GroupBoxes with left mouse button or click on other Tab and return to desired Tab.

To know what cheat code does, just hover mouse on the checkbox or other item and wait for 1 second and explanation will pop up.

Tab "Action Data":  the values in this tab are not always correct, it depends on what attack you are performing.

Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show

Download: Magic Hammer v1.0.rar
                   Magic Hammer v1.05.rar
                   Magic Hammer v1.06.rar

Let me know if the trainer can work on windows 7, 8 or 10.

Thanks to all who helped to create this trainer: Dark Byte, Corroder, mgr.inz.Player and other.
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