Author Topic: ESRganResizer 1.1.5 (a simple GUI for ERSgan + prefilter) (11/09/2019)  (Read 20490 times)


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Are there any plans to update this tool? It does not currently work with many filters (like any 1x model, which is all the noise/artifact removal ones) because the math for tile sizes/overlaps is broken for anything but the default 4x scale.

This is unfortunate because many of esrgan's 1x models are amazing, like the JPEG ones and dedither, and the only way to use them is to manually edit the bash scripts every time you want to change between models with different scales.

It's kind of amazing, really, how esrgan's JPEG models completely blow away any of the expensive commercial denoiser tools, even those that focus on jpeg specifically.


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You can use any 1x model
-disable prefilter if you don't need it
-set up "esrgan model" type to the model size (from 1x to 16x)

Alfeos Tennor

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Hello and thank you for this tool.  I have such error: 1 provonameforesragnprocess.0000000000000
ERROR: 1 provonameforesragnprocess.0000000000000