Author Topic: Problems with the FF8 Lunatic Pandora Mod Pack  (Read 877 times)


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Problems with the FF8 Lunatic Pandora Mod Pack
« on: 2019-04-25 21:01:33 »

so i bought the FF8 Lunatic Pandora Mod Pack, i had 3 download attempts and every download failed, well granted my internet is kinda bad, but i downloaded other files with multiple gigabytes without problems.
In Chrome both Downloads failed ad 1,9 out of 2,1 gb, for my last attempt i tried Firefox and it failed after like 200-300 mb.

I saw a different post here which Mcindus responded to with the same problem, so i hope he is still arround here and can help me too.


@Edit, ok after buying it again, it finally finished Downloading.

But my next problem is the installation.
I have the Lunatic Pandora Installer.exe and Lunatic Pandora Installer-1.bin and 2.bin.
I used the Installer.exe, accpeted the agreement, lead the path to "G:\Steam\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VIII" for the installation, checked the box for an Desktop short cut and installed it.
Then it opened the Lunatic Pandora and Window opend.
Which looks like this
Since it says "click play" i started FF8 but the Graphics look still the same.
After i closed FF8 the Window had more informations, which looks like this
So, i dont know what i have to do in order to get the Mod working properly.
Can someone help me?

@edit 2, i uninstalled and re-installed FF8 and installed the Mod again and it still doesn't works.
Its exactly the same.

@edit 3, ok... i think i got it working...
In my Final Fantasy VIII folder i had a folder with the name "Final Fantasy VIII" after installing the Mod, i think that was supposed to be like that, since the Installer wanted to direct him to the "Final Fantasy VII" folder. But well, now i figured out that the files are supposed to be in the Main Final Fantasy VIII folder and not in an extra folder and from the Title Screen it looks like the Mod is working.
Interesting, it said nowhere that you are supposed to take the Files from the new Folder and put them in the Main Folder.
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