Author Topic: Download stuck on "calculating"  (Read 190 times)


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Download stuck on "calculating"
« on: 2019-04-25 21:58:08 »
Specifically I'm trying to download the Animations mod, but have had the same problem with a few others that I tested. I click "Download", and in the Downloads window it says "Calculating" forever.

After some research, I discovered that a common solution to this is to right-click on the file and click "cancel". I tried that. All that happens is the download disappears from the list. Moreover, when I go back to the main window, underneath the mod the download button still says "downloading", so I have to exit and re-open 7th Heaven to try again.

I'm sorry if this is something that gets asked a lot, but I searched around and couldn't find a solution that worked for me. What could the problem be?

EDIT: nvm I reinstalled with an earlier version it works fine now
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