Author Topic: Using Reunion 05c with ReMako Beta 1.0 (7th Heaven 1.56)  (Read 1113 times)


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This forum has been a huge help getting up and running with mods in FF7, I'm sure it's been a whirlwind in here recently. The threads, FAQs, and answers here have been able to let me get a number of disparate mods working together like clockwork, and I'm just oooooone thing away from finishing out my modding and making a new playthrough.

I've been able to merge texture folders, enable all the other mods, and get everything working together besides the menu for 7th heaven. It seems stuck in keyboard, and is rendering text as if it were controller, creating odd text breaks such as below, leaving text hanging out of the box.

I love the re-translation, and would like to use it, but I cannot manage to get ReMako working without 7th Heaven, and I can't get Runion's controller-based text working with 7th Heaven. It's sort of a deal breaker one way or another, missing HD textures that are jaw dropping, or having disjointed text that doesn't line up. Complete clean reinstall has been done for FF7, 7thHeaven, ReMako, and Reunion isolated from all other mods, but it seems to be a conflict with 7th Heaven running [Directional Button] and [Ok] type texts instead of the icons from Reunion, or some kind of error with internal resolution maybe?

Anyone been able to work their way through this particular problem? I'm sure I'm not the only one out there trying to use ReMako and Reunion together.


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Re: Using Reunion 05c with ReMako Beta 1.0 (7th Heaven 1.56)
« Reply #1 on: 2019-05-26 05:12:23 »
I managed to get them both working by following guide on the steam discussions of Final Fantasy VII.
  • First, get a clean installation of the game.
  • Go to the Remako install guide and download and install all of the required software as per the instructions.
    • You will be required to use the FF7 game converter and you may run into an issue with the FF7.exe not working. Try applying the "run in 640x480 screen resolution option, don't worry if you follow the Remako guide as this won't be forced, it just gets around some issues starting the game.
  • Go to your FF7 install directory and rename the "FF7_en.exe" (ex: "FF7_en_steam.exe"). This is important as this is the original steam exe, if this is present Reunion will patch this instead of the converted FF7.exe.
  • Install Reunion, found here.
  • Now assuming you followed step 2 you should have 7th Heaven installed. Update Aali's modpath in the settings to <INSTALL_DIR>/mods/Reunion (Check the Remako guide if you need help finding this).
    • You may be tempted to change the exe to one of the others in the install directory, DON'T. FF7.exe is what you want, things will break otherwise.
  • Again if you followed the guide from step 2 you should have Remako installed on 7th Heaven, however, you may have noticed if you tried to run the game after installing Reunion you no longer get the HD backgrounds, here is how you fix that:
    • In 7th Heaven go to Workshop > Pack/unpack .iro archives.
    • Go to the Unpack .iro tab and select the Remako .iro file and unpack it to a temporary location (7th Heaven may hang here just let it do its thing).
    • Once unpacked go to the unpacked Remako HD Graphics Mod folder and copy the field folder to the Reunion folder from step 5.
  • Run the game from 7th Heaven and enjoy.